Luke Allen

HItting, Pitching & Fielding

Allen brings his 12 years of experience playing professional Major League Baseball to Diamond Sports. Playing in the big leagues of MLB does not make you a good instructor, but taking what you have learned from others such as Tommy Lasorda, Mickey Hatcher, Gene Richards, and Ted Williams and being able to break it down on a personal level to improve future major leaguers, does. Luke has a special ability to take a player at any level, and be able to connect with them to help them improve their fundamentals of the game and reach their maximum potential.

Luke is a Newton County native, playing his baseball at Newton County High School before moving on the big leagues to play for the dodgers, Rockies, Padres, Red Sox and Angels organizations. Luke was an allstar at A, AA and AAA levels before making it to the big leagues.

” I focus on the proper techniques to play the game by implementing drills that focus on muscle memory. Point of contact to his a baseball is my main focus. A player with the right techniques can go a long way in this game.”

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